Our Mission

Hi, my name is Hendrik Lennarz and I love to support teams, getting rid of their biggest Growth stoppers and boosting their real Growth opportunities. All in all this called Growth Hacking.

With my former duties as CTO and Chief Product Officer at Trusted Shops  and as freelancing startup- and business coach I experienced what is necessary to implement Growth in a company. For sure, we made hundreds of mistakes in the last 10 business years…But sharing this knowledge is exactly what is valuable for our customers.

Startups, small-medium and big enterprises lack all in the same discipline, most of time. They are not able to execute ideas and innovation with high-speed. But today, where technologies and customer needs are changing rapidly, it is crucial to get real customer feedbacks to new ideas as fast quick as possible.

Our unique Growth Hacking Process V2.0 gives a holistic overview of the most important tasks and disciplines to win a Growth business challenge. That means for our customers, that they can use the Growth Hacking process V2.0 like an individual Growth roadmap, which always helps prioritizing the right tasks to the right time, step-by-step.

 „The bootcamp was awesome The thing I liked the most about it was the personalised approach. We were a group of six, which gave plenty of opportunities to discuss our own projects and get valuable feedback from Hendrik and the group members. Special thanks for doing the workshop in English Looking forward to the English version of the book.“ Maria S., Manufactura

Our Services

Our own experiences and already more than 110 genuine customer feedbacks pointed out, that Growth for your business is not done over night. It is much more finding out, what are the right things that leverage Growth. Bad news. Finding out what works means, Trial-and-Error…Trial-and-Error…again and again…over weeks, month or even years.

Growth Hacking is a process!

The one and only Growth Hacking Prozess V2.0 points out all essential dimensions to leverage Growth in your company.

  • Building products your customers really need
  • Rolling out scaling business models
  • Focussing on Growth Marketing channels with best Return on invest
  • Setup an agile Growth Environment to execute ideas super-fast

Good news, you can learn how to handle all these dimensions right away.  We are offering coaching lessons in several ways. Just drop us a message and we´ll contact you to find out how a coaching would suite your needs best.

Keynote / Talk

You´re looking for a mind-blowing keynote speaker for your next event? You want to provide your audience an enthusiastic talk about how to create a real Growth Hacking environment?

I´m really looking forward to share our best practices and self-made experiences from startups and corporates of the last 10 years with your audience.

Send us a message to get an awesome keynote!

Coaching / Consulting

You know you´re lacking in Online-Marketing, product management, sales or just the experience which methods & tools could help to leverage your own Growth challenge? Your team is not executing fast enough or does not synchronize properly? Your organization stucks in terms of testing new ideas and innovations?

Finally, you´re looking for an external eye-opener for your team, which trains a systematic approach, that can be executed by your team themselves? 

Send us a message to get an offer for an individual workshop.

In 2017 we trained more than 700 people from startups and corporates. Please checkout our more than 110 customer feedbacks, that make us really proud 😉

Keynote Speaker

My next public keynotes and talks for Growth Hacking & Agile Transformation:

19.1.2018 – “Growth Hacking Bootcamp” Vienna, Austria

7.2.2018 – “Growth & Traction Meetup” in Cologne

15.2.2018 – “Growth Hacking Bootcamp” Stuttgart, Germany

15. – 16.3.2018 – “inOrbit18: Europe’s #1 Marketing & Growth Retreat” in Portorož, Slovenia

6.4.2018 – “Growth Hacking Bootcamp” in Frankfurt

18.4.2018 – “Startup week 2018” Düsseldorf, Germany

19.4.2018 – “Swiss Online Marketing” Zürich, Switzerland

27.4.2018 – “OMKB 2018” Bielefeld, Germany

4.5.2018 – “Growth Hacking Bootcamp” in Düsseldorf

24.5.2018 – “Growth Hacking Bootcamp” in Köln

13.7.2018 – “Growth Hacking Bootcamp” in Amsterdam

15.8.2018 – “Growth Hacking Bootcamp” in Düsseldorf

24.8.2018 – “Growth Hacking Bootcamp” in Munich

19.9.2018 – “Growth Hacking Bootcamp” in Berlin

26.10.2018 – “Growth Hacking Bootcamp” in Hamburg

7.11.2018 – “What the F**k is Growth Hacking?” at SMXL Milan 2018

You´re looking for a mind-blowing keynote speaker for your next event? Do you need a high-motivating Growth Hacking Coach for your team? I´m really looking forward to get the chance to share my own Growth Hacking experiences of the last 10 years with your audience.

Please, send me a short message and I´ll contact you as soon as possible.

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